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Fun Photos

Pair of hearts

Silvey (left) and Star (right) giving me some love after a run in the arena November, 2017

Bambi snuggles

My mom, Stephanie with her mare, Bambi getting some 1-on-1 time between classes at the 2017 SASHA show August, 2017.

Wild pony!

Our 2017 filly, Renata showing off for the judge at the TSMHC Show in August, 2017.

Feed me, Mom!

Bambi (left) and Buckles (right owned by Nicola Hughes)

Valley Fun Day Parade 2015

Black Eagle 4th of July Parade 2016

Ziva and Sonata giving me loves

Carmel (front) her filly, Sonata, Sonata's half sister, Ziva and both fillies' dad, Star.

Ziva and Sonata getting Sister snuggles!

Our Shetland mare, Angie checking out one of our photo props; a stuffed horse named "Ty"

Star and his 2015 filly, Wish meeting for the first time, June, 2015.

Our 2015 filly, Class giving mom kisses!

Flying Class!

Angie, Bambi and Silvey checking out Shirley's new filly, Class!

Momo the kitty getting a ride in Silvey's cart!

Silvey (left) and Bambi (right) making an appearance at a friend's Fairytale wedding

Shirley, her filly, Echo and our pooch, Nike!

My sister sunning with our 2013 filly, Echo

George (left) pestering Bambi (right)

My niece saying "Hi" to the yearlings, George and Tessa.

Star checking out what my niece is doing.

My niece leading her buddy, Suede.

Suede saying "Hi" to a napping Bambi.

Star trying out the water treadmill at Big Sky Animal Medical Center.

Star and Bambi "bottom buddies!"

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